Конвертация Red Hat в CentOS (Convert RHEL 5 to CentOS 5)

Recently I was working on a Dell PE1950 at work and decided to get Xen installed, so that I can create some virtual servers for our developers.

Finding out that Xen in Redhat Enterprise Linux is not so easy to download – I cannot find it from any public accessible websites, I decided to use CentOS’s yum repoes to download and install Xen. When I have CentOS yum repo created in /etc/yum.repo.d, I noticed that it cannot work in RHEL – It cannot recognize OS version without some updates of application.

That’s why I tried to convert my RHEL 5.3 to CentOS 5.3. Here are the commands that I used. You can just copy & paste:

Now the convertion has finished, you can check /etc/redhat-release for an updated information, and the repo’s config directory for more details on current repoes.

Finally, dont forget to enjoy a FREE CentOS yum updating:

I’m not quite sure if it totally works well. Nevertheless, I’ve succefully had the system updated, the Xen kernel are running smoothly as well. If I faced any issues, I’d create a new post at our redhat/centos support forum.