English tips

How is it going? Houzit goin?
Pretty good! Preddy good.
What do you want to go? Joo wanna go?
I’m not shure. I’m not shue.
I don’t know. I dunno. U U U
it’s a hot one today.
You have got to try it (You gonna try i)
Thank! I appreciate it. I preshiei i. preshiei i.
No problem. No prblm.
See you later. See ya lader.
Let’s go!

I got back from work/home/vacation

I recieve -> I get
I recieved -> I got
I prefer -> I would rather
much -> a lot of
very -> really

I need to take a rain check. Let’s take a rain check.
We’re gonna shoot the breeze.
I plead the 5th.
To give props to someone (props — proper respect)

bollocks like easly shit

I’m not here to fuck spiders.

have instead of eat/drink